BKR Water Bottles Spiked Bubbly 1L

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Throw away those toxic plastic bottles, chuck the metal that retains flavor and buy one of these gorgeous dishwasher safe glass bottles! Best part is 2 of these 1L bottles are your daily intake of water.

Best friends Tal Winter and Kate Cutler started bkr in 2011 with the belief that hydration is the foundation of every skincare regimen. They created the now-iconic bkr water bottle because they knew that regardless of how much money you spend on products for your face, if your skin isn’t properly hydrated from within, nothing you put on top will work.

Immediately bkr gained a cult following for their chic BPA-free, glass-and-silicone bottles that provide beauty-lovers a clean, safe way to stay hydrated.These notoriously addictive glass water bottles feature signature small mouths and silicone sleeves inspired by everything from fashion to photography to contemporary culture and fine art. 

After years of development, bkr launched their new beauty line with their first product—the bkr Paris Water Balm, an innovative glossy balm that’s highly effective and made from only the cleanest ingredients.